You Need More than Straight Teeth for a Hollywood Smile

While subsequently watching the popular NBC talent show, “The Voice,” which I love, and the Billboard Music awards one night, it didn’t occur to me while watching, “O Town,” perform, that the professional singers have beautifully enhanced smiles. Once you flip to the other channel you see what normal, regular unenhanced smiles look like when the amateurs on, “The Voice,” flash their pearly whites.

Then it occurred to me how normal and usual great looking smiles of the professionals have become to us, and it’s not just having orthodontic treatment and straight teeth.

Orthodontists are the first cosmetic dentists to make unattractive, crooked smiles more attractive by making them straighter. Americans are known all over the world to have the nicest smiles thanks to instituted orthodontic treatment in this country.

France has relatively recently introduced orthodontic treatment in their national health care. Along with the smoking cessation trend in France, young people in the country have smiles that are more attractive.

Today straight teeth alone are not enough, especially for people in the public eye. Yellowed, chipped, worn and aged teeth will still result in an ugly smile. Today Hollywood and now many people, do two things on a routine basis to enhance their TV smiles.

First, they routinely remove all their old metal fillings so they are not visible on TV when they open wide to sing or when the latest generation of spectacular OLED TV’s can see almost every blemish. TV and movie entertainers remove anything that can detract from their appearance. This attitude has filtered to the general population as well.

Sales professionals have long known about it, but now we are seeing teachers, mechanics, and plumbers realizing the tremendous confidence building benefits that can be achieved by having nicer looking smiles with cosmetic dentistry.

If you think metal fillings are passé, you would be wrong. Just watch the young amateurs open wide to sing on The Voice, and you will routinely see rows of unsightly metal fillings.

OK, now that I have brought your attention to this, you will notice that I haven’t placed a metal filling in any of my patients in the last 28 years. Evidently, dentists all over the U.S. are still placing these ugly and archaic, potentially hazardous metal fillings in these young people’s mouths.

Sales people and TV anchors and Hollywood stars understand the issue of how you must reduce anything that can be a distraction when communicating on TV and in the movies. It is a cosmetic distraction and can adversely affect their image, or their message.

These stars are on TV for very short bursts of time, snippets of news, a 3-minute song, or a great lifetime story told and portrayed in a 90-minute movie. So they must act, look, and even feel perfect to effectively communicate what they intend. This is why movies are so expensive to make, and why makeup, wardrobe, scenery, and what appears on camera conveys the correct message as perfectly as possible.

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