Why Choose Dr. Ivan

Cosmetic Dentist in Chicago

Why should you choose Dr. Ivan for your cosmetic dentistry needs?

In a city the size of Chicago, there are many options for cosmetic dentistry. It is easy to think your best choice is the one offering the cheapest rates. Unfortunately, this mindset can often end in regret. To make the right choice for your cosmetic dentistry needs, there are several factors you should consider:

How good is the dentist?

First and foremost, you want a cosmetic dentist who has accumulated education and experience specifically in cosmetic dentistry. If they have studied beyond the bounds of cosmetic dentistry, the dentist may have even more to offer.

Dr. Ivan is one of the country’s top experts in cosmetic dentistry, as well as an acknowledged leader in neuromuscular and sleep medicine. With nearly 5000 of education beyond his Doctorate of Dental Surgery, Dr. Ivan is more highly trained than 90% of the dentists in the United States today. Add more than 30 years of experience in his field and the frequency with which he is sought for training others, and Dr. Ivan is the clear choice for ensuring your cosmetic dentistry is the best that money can buy.

What all does the practice have to offer?

Another area to consider is what services the cosmetic dental practice offers. Will you be referred to an outside specialist for some of the treatments you need? Will you have to have multiple consultations in different offices before treatment can even begin?

Your time is valuable to Dr. Ivan. That’s why he has assembled a team of expert specialists who handle a wide variety of cosmetic dentistry services under one roof. At our practice, we can handle your orthodontic, periodontic, and cosmetic dentistry needs with unparalleled cooperation, often consulting within a single visit.

What kind of value will I receive?

This is a key question in choosing your cosmetic dentist. Value is a much more important consideration than cost. When you choose a service that offers the lowest cost, you often find the value is much lower as well.

Many dentists try to cater to this cost over value mindset by minimizing their services to fit as closely within dental insurance as possible. This generally leads to 5 minute exams to check for caries (cavities), checkups no more than twice yearly, and treating only as much as the insurance will cover, spacing treatments out over so long a period that preventable decay or infections may spread to other teeth.

Dr. Ivan has ensured that our rates are competitive. Dental insurance often does not cover all the treatments you need or desire to make your smile as healthy and beautiful as it should be. Our team is skilled in maximizing your dental benefits and we offer flexible scheduling and payment options to help ensure affordability.

Even more, Dr. Ivan maximizes the value of your investment. Our basic exam looks for much more than caries. Every exam reviews your jaw, posture, head, and neck for symmetry, soreness, and function. We do panoramic x-rays for a complete view of your tracheal airway, nasal septum, and teeth, and check for blockages, decay, or other issues. Our doctors check for headache, bruxism (grinding), and dental hygiene. We will ask about your sleep and how you feel about your smile. We ask for your questions, concerns, and goals. We provide a truly personalized care experience and ensure you receive the highest value for your investment in your appearance and your health.

With competitive rates, higher value, more services under one roof, and a doctor with unparalleled expertise in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Ivan is the clear choice for your cosmetic dentistry needs.