Too Much Teeth Whitening Can Cause Damage to Teeth and Gums

Too much teeth whitening can cause serious problems, and it’s not just tooth sensitivity that you will have to deal with. According to Dr. Ivan Valcarenghi, over whitening your teeth with over the counter bleaching products can cause teeth to become chalky or translucent.

Those pastes, gels, and other over the counter tooth products that you purchase from your local pharmacy can be overused as the active ingredient in the strips, gels, pastes and mouth rinses is not as strong as prescription teeth whitening products. Over the counter bleaching products, tend to get used more than they should, as people are not seeing the results they expect.

As Dr. Valcarenghi tell his patients, “Just like everything in life, over doing it can cause problems,” and the same can be said for tooth whitening.

How Much Whitening Product is Too Much?

According to Dr. Ivan Smiles, your dietary habits and oral hygiene will dictate your tooth whitening product use. If you enjoy tea, coffee or red wine or foods that tend to stain teeth you will need to retouch your teeth every six, twelve or 18 months depending on your professional teeth whitening prescription.

What Happens if I Use Too Much?

Using too much teeth whitening product can cause oversensitivity and cellular damage in your gums. This could lead to gum disease, the more serious periodontal disease and even tooth loss. Overdoing it with DIY whitening products wears away at the enamel on your teeth making you more susceptible to dental caries. If you use too much product, your teeth could also become chalky or translucent.

When it comes tooth whitening less is more. Dr. Ivan recommends that you go no whiter than the whites of your eyes. Teeth do not look natural if they are bone white.

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