Spring Newsletter 2014

Cosmetic Dentist in Chicago

By Ivan Valcarenghi, DDS

Happy Spring, Happy St. Pat’s, Happy Easter! What a brutally cold and snowy Winter! So glad I missed the worst winter of ’79 while in college.

Business Profile: John Spears Plumbing – When updating the “trim” in my home, John offered great advice to get maximum esthetic appeal and valuable savings.
Every person and household needs trustworthy professionals: a good dentist, doctor, lawyer, mechanic, IT, plumber, etc, I made it my mission to do business only with people that have proven to be trustworthy and I can recommend without reservation: John Spears Plumbing (630) 936-1157.

Staying well in Any Season Millions of hours of productivity are lost every year during “flu season.” We are in contact with many people, coworkers, employees, the public, it’s not if, but when you will catch a virus. Winter does not have a license on sickness, however, and it is a myth that you get “colds” in the Winter. Due to allergens, Spring time is equal to or worse than Winter.

Keeping well has always been about keeping the mind, body and environment as healthy as possible in any season. Doctors call it names such as “host immunity,” “stress” and “allergens.” Our emotional, psychological, and mental health is absolutely the most important, but illness occurs if any two of these are out of balance.

The Secret To (health) Success Like most “secrets” of success, it is the “seemingly small, inconsequential, but consistent actions that lead to success,” as articulated by author and friend, Weldon Long in the “Upside Of Fear” who transformed his life from 20 years of prison into a life of prosperity. It’s no different in health. Doing the small things…getting proper rest and nutrition goes a long way to avoiding illness.
One small thing I try to do is not schedule anything, including travel on Sunday so I am properly rested for work Monday. With all the sleep problems and apnea middle-aged people suffer, enough cannot be said about proper rest and nutrition.

The 2nd Opinion Ever Notice How The 2nd opinion is always less offensive than the first? And right or wrong, people tend to believe the lesser opinion. A Costco cashier told me she once went to a dentist that said she needed all sorts of dental treatment that she really didn’t need. I asked her how she knew this? She then visited another dentist who told her she didn’t need all the treatment. How did she know the second dentist was right? She didn’t of course, but the second opinion was much more palatable. I think we all may be guilty of wanting to hear a lesser opinion, problem and cost, but thank God all dentists are not the same.

Flouridated Community Water Supply: Chicagoland has great fluoridated water. There is some support for removing fluoride from the water, with unsubstantiated health problems alleged. Fortunately, most communities and dentists believe this is folly, as health benefits are well documented. Follow the money. This comes largely from the supplement community. We have not seen untoward effects, but it has proven to reduce gross dental decay by as much as 60% since the ‘50’s. So that’s pretty conclusive fluoridation health benefit.

Michelle Obama has a speech impediment. We tend to overlook minor imperfections, so most do not realize the First Lady has a lisp. A trained dentist can see she struggles to compensate for her lisp. Due to oral makeup, she does not have enough room for a large tongue. To gain space, the tongue, a strong muscle has flared her upper front teeth forward causing what we call an “anterior open bite” so her front teeth do not come together properly, allowing air to escape, thus contributing to lisping. The next time you hear her speak, listen carefully for her lisp. Do you know of any other president or First Lady with dental problems? Email me info.

Interesting Notes:
Did you know the US federal court of appeals is considering whether for-profit businesses can be exempt from a contraceptive mandate in the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)?

Did you know your car blinkers are a lost courtesy and a form of communication? Use your blinkers!
Communication is the key to life, and every relationship!