Snoring & Sleep Apnea

Cosmetic Dentist in Chicago, IL

Do you sleep alone because of snoring or sleep apnea?

Do you want to wake refreshed and invigorated,
ready to accomplish your tasks for the day?

Imagine… a restful, peaceful, invigorating sleep
that you and your spouse both enjoy!

No More CPAP Machines

Faith2The health effects of sleep apnea are well known, including high blood pressure, increased difficulty with blood sugar control, and even death. If you have sleep apnea, you also know how troublesome and unpleasant the CPAP can be. CPAP machines can be nearly as disruptive as sleep apnea to your and your partner’s sleep.

Dr. Ivan and our team offer discreet, comfortable treatment options for patients who snore or hate the CPAP. Our solutions will allow you and your partner to both get a good night’s sleep in the same room.

Effective Treatment

With Dr. Ivan and our team, there’s no guesswork. We use the latest diagnostic technology, working with your physician and your sleep tests to provide the best possible solution for your snoring or sleep apnea. Effective treatment can help you avoid health risks such as fatigue, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease. Our team will devise a customized treatment plan for your sleep apnea, including options such as custom-crafted oral appliances that keep your airway open during sleep.

Affordable Solution

We understand that your health is vitally important—our team wants to make sleep apnea treatment as affordable as possible. In some cases, you may even have insurance benefits for your sleep apnea treatment. Our team will work with you to help maximize your benefits and help you get the treatment you need with a plan you can afford.