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Browse through our smile gallery to see just a handful of our success stories! Click each photo below to learn more.

Faith’s Story


Faith-SmallWhat We Found: Faith presented with a really big smile, but her teeth and smile just didn’t look right. She had a very gummy smile with small teeth that just didn’t fit a successful, attractive lady.

What We Did: Like so often, we did a gum lift and if you want a more dramatic improvement in your smile, only veneers can give you that level of improvement.

Results: With her veneers, her smile now looks not only fabulous, but gives her the impression she was hoping for. Interestingly, Faith gave us a photo of an entertainment star she wanted her smile to emulate. She was ecstatic when someone recently said she looked like this entertainer.


Vanessa’s Story


“I wanted a gorgeous smile and now I have it! I can’t thank you and your team enough. Thank you, Dr. Ivan!”

VanessaWhat We Found: Vanessa tried to keep her teeth looking their best with whitening and regular visits to her dentist, but her smile just didn’t match her personality. She had slightly turned and chipped teeth.

What We Did: We gave Vanessa veneers for immediate, long-lasting, dramatic results, making her smile straighter and whiter.

Results: WOW!! Vanessa finally has the vibrant smile she’s always dreamed of!


Ashley’s Story


Ashley1What We Found: Shorter, squarer teeth.

What We Did: Since Ashley had a limited budget, we came up with the perfect Mini Smile Makeover for her. We lengthened her teeth with a Laser Gum Lift, reshaping the edges, and added bonding at the bottom edges of her teeth. These simple and painless cosmetic procedures produced dramatic results and were completed in ONE office visit.

Results: Wow! Now Ashley is smiling at work and her opportunities for jobs with her Mini Smile Makeover has paid off. Confident and Fabulous. Ashley now loves to smile!


Cheryl’s Story


“I never realized how worn and old my teeth looked until I saw my ‘before’ photo! I should have gotten this done a long time ago!”

CherylWhat We Found: An overall good foundation to start, but teeth that were yellow with chipped edges, drawing the eye to all the imperfections.

What We Did: We did gum recontouring, and widened her smile since she had a very narrow dental arch, and gave her veneers.

Results: Now all the imperfections are gone. Instead, you notice Cheryl’s beautiful eyes. She looks healthier, younger, vibrant and successful.



Stela’s Story


“I feel like a Hollywood star! Thank you so much for my beautiful smile. I finally have the smile I want. At Easter, my whole family loved my smile and I had to give them all your phone number and address!”

Stela-Cosmetic-Dentist-in-ChicagoWhat We Found: Stela had darkness around the margins of her crowns and small ill-formed teeth.

What We Did: We removed all the old dentistry, reconstructed her smile line with a gum lift and gave her new crowns which were newer and whiter dental restorations that complimented her beauty.



Shirley’s Story


ShirleyWhat We Found: A smile that needed too many repairs to keep it going.

What We Did: We freshened up her smile and made it whiter, softer and more healthy-looking. Confident and ageless beauty. Thanks Shirley, we loved helping you! Your zest for life comes through.

Results: Shirley is now going about her busy life with her husband, Roy, her daughter, granddaughter and dogs with a new spring in her step, loving her life as a hip, with-it Grandma.



Mike’s Story


“This is just what I was hoping for. Thanks, you do really good work, Dr. Ivan!”


Mike-Cosmetic-Dentist-Chicago-ILWhat We Found: Mike had veneers on his teeth, but they were uneven, worn, and his smile just wasn’t beaming like it should.

What We Did: Like we do with so many smile makeovers, we touched up his gums to make sure his smile was even and placed veneers on all the teeth for a contiguous, even smile.

Results: His confidence is soaring and he loves his smile!



Simida’s Story


“This is why I chose Dr. Ivan…I knew he could give me what I wanted. I love my smile! I will refer everyone to him!”


Smida1What We Found: Simida had taken a traditional route of orthodontics, but after a year her teeth had drifted and moved. She wanted more dependable results.

What We Did: Simida knew exactly what she wanted in her smile design, and brought many photos to her consultation. We got her smile looking exactly the way she wanted.

Results: The whitest smile yet. WOW! Simida was a natural in front of the camera, and all of her shots looked fantastic. What a great smile for such a remarkable and beautiful lady.



Allyson’s Story


“What a difference it has made in my life!”

Allison1What We Found: Allyson wanted to be able to smile without covering her mouth. She inherited mottled enamel (sometimes called “soft” teeth), resulting in frequent cavities.

What We Did: We started by eliminating the cavities and reviewed her diet. We then removed all the damaged tooth structure and rebuilt her teeth. Her gums were then reshaped with laser gum surgery, creating a more balanced and symmetric smile. Finally, veneers for a beautiful, natural smile.

Results: Allyson is very shy and was so nervous for her photo shoot, but doesn’t she look fabulous?!


Nancy’s Story


“Not one dentist at our training seminar knew I got my teeth done! I love my smile. It looks great, yet beautifully natural!”

NancyWhat We Found: A great foundation of healthy teeth. However, as a consultant to some of the most advanced cosmetic dentists in the country, Nancy needed a smile that was perfect!

What We Did: 10 beautifully natural veneers that fit color, shape, and balance.

Results: A beautiful and perfectly presentable smile, not to mention it helped her take the edge off of aging!




Patrick’s Story


Patirck-Chicago-IL-Cosmetic-DentistWhat We Found: Patrick had small, discolored, chipped, aged and worn teeth.

What We Did: We did a mockup of what he could look like and then placed him with a provisional smile which he loved.

Results: We then simply made veneers for his teeth and gave him a new, great-looking smile that makes him look years younger and healthier.




Sonja’s Story

“This is Me. Thank you. I want to retake my wedding pictures now!”

SonjaWhat We Found: Sonja was experiencing some bite problems and pain due to a poorly executed cosmetic treatment by another dentist. The positioning was slightly off, and her teeth seemed grayish in color.

What We Did: New beautifully balanced porcelain restorations. We also did gentle gum and tooth reshaping to balance and soften the surrounding smile, composite bonding to lengthen and keep healthy tooth structure.

Results: Harmony. Better color, better shape. A Fabulous Smile.




Kashif’s Story


“This is just what I was looking for. I never thought I could feel great about my smile. I am so happy.”

KashifWhat We Found: Missing teeth created large spaces even routine braces could not correct. Front teeth with gaps.

What We Did: Because the missing teeth were canines, which essentially hold up the corners of the mouth and the smile, the strength and design of Kashif’s solution was critical to long-term success. We placed two zirconia-reinforced bridges and two veneers so that his smile would look more uniform.

Results: Kashif’s teeth are now balanced and symmetric, and his smile looks natural and handsome.


Sue’s Story


SueWhat We Found: Sue was involved in a terrible fall and her smile was almost irreparably damaged. Several front teeth cracked right off. After emergency treatment and stabilization on her vacation, her teeth felt “shaky” when biting her food.

What We Did: A gentle gum lift, reshape, whiten, and design to create a wonderful smile.

Results: Her brother had no idea how right he was when he told her, “You’ll come out of this with an even better smile than you had before.” The all porcelain restorations are natural and strong. Now, Sue can’t stop smiling!


Tannya’s Story


TannyaWhat We Found: Tannya first came to us after seeing how we had improved her sister’s smile. She had a bite where the teeth did not touch when closed together, and normal orthodontic care by another dentist was not helping.

What We Did: We created an even space between her front teeth. Then, a gum lift and porcelain veneers. This restored the fullness of her smile, corrected the tooth size proportion, and closed her open bite.

Results: The results are phenomenal! Traditional orthodontic treatment or surgery to correct her underbite would have been unnecessary pain and suffering and would have still left her with undersized teeth.


Margharita’s Story


What We Found: Even at her young age, Margharita had worn about one-third of her teeth away due to an improper bite. The misalignment of her jaws caused headaches, jaw pain, vertigo, and other uncomfortable symptoms.

What We Did: As a “neuromuscular” patient, we needed to first get her jaws aligned correctly. We assessed her bite and had her wear an orthotic device for months before any treatment. She then had a full mouth rehabilitation, where we restore all the teeth to the proper placement function, and look.

Results: Margharita is headache-free for over a year now and is so excited about her new smile. She even asked us to do a second photoshoot! As you can see, she is a beautiful mom!


Donna’s Story


What We Found: Donna’s smile didn’t look as great as she felt. She had a shortened space between the tip of the nose and the chin because of worn teeth. Her smile was lost to the eye because of shorter teeth.

What We Did: We made Donna’s smile fuller and more youthful, bringing sexiness and elegance to her smile.

Results: Just look at how great Donna looks thanks to her new smile!


Gary’s Story


What We Found: Gary had a terrible clicking (actually clunking) in the jaws as well as headaches caused by the stress of work and years of clenching and grinding his teeth. He also had a discolored, worn out, mishmash of different types and colors of dental work.

What We Did: Because of Gary’s bite and jaw issues, a full mouth rehabilitation was necessary to alleviate the pressure on his TMJ and jaws, improving his bite.

Results: A newer, healthier, more uniform looking smile. Gary now shows his teeth when he smiles. His TMJ and headaches have improved and he is feeling great.


Nathan’s Story


What We Found: Nathan is a very quiet young man who came to us to improve his smile before going out to L.A. to train as an actor. A gap and a poorly repaired break. The gray color is due to either environmental or congenital problems, and whitening does not work in these cases.

What We Did: Veneers – the best for improving the shape, strength, and color of the teeth. Veneers are conservative and long lasting.

Results: Nathan now has a smile that will help in fit right in with the rest of Hollywood! We found out he’s now aiming his sights at directing instead of acting, but we know he’ll look great either way!