Porcelain Veneers May Be The Best Choice

If you chose cosmetic dental bonding instead of porcelain veneers, you could be rethinking your decision.

Cosmetic bonding may not have been the best choice last year when you opted for a cheaper cosmetic dental procedure. Although cosmetic dental bonding is a great alternative to porcelain veneers, it isn’t for everyone, especially if you are hard on your teeth. Of course, you still have to be diligent with oral hygiene and keep pencils and ice out of your mouth, but porcelain veneers are sturdier and will last longer than cosmetic dental bonding.

Disadvantages of Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is used to repair chips, cracks, and spaces between teeth. It can also be used to shorten or lengthen teeth or to fill a small cavity, and although dental bonding does what it is supposed to, it is not as durable as the enamel on your teeth or porcelain veneers. With dental bonding, you have to be very careful when you eat to avoid breaking the dental bond.

Won’t Last as Long

Teeth bonding is not as resilient as porcelain veneers and will not last as long either. According to Dr. Ivan Valcarenghi, dental bonding can last from three to five years with porcelain veneers lasting about 10 to 15 years if proper care is taken. Dental bonding is much more prone to chips and cracks than porcelain veneers.

Porcelain Veneers More Resistant to Staining

One of the biggest pitfalls of dental bonding is staining. The materials that are used for cosmetic bonding to repair chips and cracks are more porous that your enamel or dental porcelain so the resin tends to absorb red wine and deeper colored foods more easily. If you like your coffee or tea in the morning you may want to skip dental bonding and opt for porcelain veneers.

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