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Mercury-Free Dentistry

TannyaAre you looking to replace old, unattractive, ill-fitting mercury-amalgam fillings?

Dr. Ivan’s Mercury-Free Dentistry is pleased to provide safe, metal-free, environmentally friendly filling replacement.

We Provide Safe Removal

Dr. Ivan’s practice has been metal-free for over 20 years. Our team has years of experience in the safe removal of old mercury fillings. Our office is specifically designed with the latest technology to replace old amalgam fillings with newer, more attractive dental restorations.

We are Environmentally Friendly

We care about keeping both our patients and the environment healthy. That’s why we are continually embracing techniques that minimize our environmental impact and protect our patients from irritants and allergens. Our practice utilizes carbon filters, recycles many materials, and forgoes mercury. We have taken the extra steps to reduce our environmental footprint by minimizing waste, saving energy and using surgical quality materials.

We Embrace Innovative Treatment

Our team uses cutting-edge technology to avoid invasive dental drills and mercury fillings. We were one of the first practices to use air abrasion instead of drilling to conservatively treat tooth decay while preserving healthy tooth structure. In every part of your care, we utilize the most effective and efficient modern techniques available.