Feel a Cold Sore Coming On? Lasers to the Rescue!

Oral lesions, mouth sores, cold and canker sores are very common when the body is weak and immunocompromised.  They tend to raise their ugly head especially during flu season.  These sores may contain a virus that can infect other individuals, so absolutely no kissing or touching mouth sores!  There are several products on the market that will help to reduce the severity containing acyclovir products such as Zovirax, or Viroxyn, and Abreva also looks promising.

In addition to products, which can take some time to have an effect, there is another treatment that works really well.  But few patients avail themselves of and fewer know about it. Few dentists even know about it.  It’s laser treatment of cold sores.  An uninitiated soft tissue or diode laser emits sufficient light energy to kill the virus on the spot which stops the pain immediately and dramatically reduces the time the sore is there.  It can even stop the sore from ever fully appearing if caught at the “prodromal” stage.

People with these oral sores know that tingling feeling when a lip sore is beginning.  I treated a bride-to-be on the night before her wedding when a sore appeared, and made the bride extremely happy because it was gone the next day. The treatment is painless, takes only 10 minutes.  What’s that worth to you? We charge a fee of only $80, but it could be priceless for some at the most crucial time.  Next time you have a sore at a crucial time, call me!