Special Smile Makeover Offer From Dr. Ivan For Only You!

cosmetic dentist chicagoDear Friends,

Do you want to have the attractive and healthy smile of your dreams for the HOLIDAYS !

For a limited number of people before Christmas, we want to help you achieve what you want- a great smile!

If you have wanted a fantastic smile but were afraid to move forward with cosmetic treatment involving veneers.  Read this letter!

In this letter, we dispel myths, take the mystery out of it, and remove the reasons that have stopped you.

There are three main reasons patient do not move forward with treatment:

  1. It’s too expensive!  You either find a “second opinion” that is cheaper or you don’t move forward at all.  Please understand that depending on your area, Cosmetic dentists charge similar fees if they have similar cosmetic training.  If you find a dentist charging significantly lower fees for veneers, they are probably not a trained cosmetic dentist and you are risking your only set of adult teeth to an inexperienced clinician.  Most dentists who tout they do “cosmetic dentistry” are referring to white fillings, and have never taken a hands-on veneer training program.  It’s not easy knowing who to trust. Which leads to reason #2.
  2. Who to trust?  Please refer to the article on my website “How to find a cosmetic dentist.”  In it you will see that your typical, family, general dentist will not have these attributes and lacks training.  There is good reason Dr. Ivan created our “Wall Of Fame” of smiles he has improved and beautifully photographed in the hallway.  Why would you trust your front teeth, your smile, to an untrained eye?  A dentist does not learn this in dental school, or a weekend seminar, period!  Dr. Ivan is a graduate of the prestigious LVI (The Las Vegas Institute) a rigorous and expensive two year hands-on program to learn Cosmetic Dentistry competently and has accumulated over 4000 hours of continuing education (CE).  Most dentists take the required 32 hours of CE every 1.5 years and may accumulate 3000 hours by retirement.  Dr Ivan is one of the nation’s leading Cosmetic Dentists whom has committed himself to continuing education and clinical excellence.
  3. Afraid of pain or drilling on your teeth!  This is a common fear.  While pain is subjective, nearly all patients experience NO pain. Depending on the cosmetic improvement necessary to obtain that great smile, many times, there is little or NO DRILLING!  Today we can improve your smile greatly, with “NO-PREP” veneers.  If you have crowded or crooked teeth or severe discolorations or cosmetic problems, then some drilling might be required to affect the desired changes.  But many times even this “drilling” is minor.

If you are receiving this letter, you are one of just a handful of patients receiving his offer to have the fantastic healthy and attractive smile you desire by one of the nation’s leading Cosmetic Dentists, Dr. Ivan, at 1999 fees!

Look better for Holiday photos!  Begin treatment before Christmas and receive a Smile Makeover for $999/tooth*  (normally up to $1600 per tooth)!

*Smile Makeover is normally 8-10 teeth

We accept new patients!  Thank you for your referrals!

Ivan  Valcarenghi, DDS and Associates
468 Spring Road
Elmhurst, Illinois 60126