Cystic Fibrosis

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There are many worthwhile causes, in fact too many to support them all. So we have chosen to concentrate our resources toward helping children. As you know, Dr. Ivan loves to sing and loves a great vocalist. He spent several years in the Spirito! Men’s chorus which also supports the two other children’s choirs of Bravura and Regazze. Dr. Ivan believes children are the future and we have an obligation to helping them and ensuring they have all they need including health and nurturing for their future. Two particular health problems that are close to our hearts and seriously affect children is JD, or Juvenile Diabetes and CF, Cystic Fibrosis, and we support these and their parent organization of JDRF and the ALA, or American Lung Association. Both these diseases used to mean young morbidity, but with research and advances, these patients are living longer, better lives. There will be a cure for JD very soon. CF is a heart breaking genetic condition and one that Dr. Ivan and as a respiratory critical care doctor and pulmonologist, his brother, Gerard Valcarenghi, MD, MPH, are involved in which requires patients to have their lungs cleared of fluids on a regular bases. Breathing is the essence of living, the first thing we learn as part of the abc’s of saving lives, and not being able to breathe well seriously threatens life. We need more research and resources to find a cure for CF.