Cosmetic Dentistry has Certainly Changed for the Better

Cosmetic Dentistry has been with us for centuries with ancient cultures doing everything they can to keep their teeth beautiful. However, unlike cosmetic dentistry in the 21st century, some of these ancient cosmetic dentistry procedures sound quite uncomfortable and even downright nasty.

The Egyptians

According to Dr. Ivan Valcarenghi, the ancient Egyptians had actual dental manuals in 3000 BC that gave instructions on how to treat and heal mouth wounds. Although there were detailed instructions, the writings and evidence of the time showed that teeth were still something that physicians considered untreatable.

Dental surgeries are being discovered that date back to 2500 BC. Dentists would pull teeth, drill cavities, and fill them with beeswax. Most would agree that it would be hard to imagine any of these treatments taking place without anesthetic. However, by 1550 BC the Egyptians had dental pain and injury prescriptions to help stop the pain and swelling.

The Etruscans

The Etruscans were the first to take dentistry to a more cosmetic level. Striving to increase knowledge while bettering their image, luxury was imperative to the Etruscans who were constantly testing techniques in the medical and dental fields.

The Etruscans experimented with gold fillings while using bold bands to wrap around teeth cementing with a soldering tool. The Etruscans even used animal and human teeth for missing teeth. Dating back to about 700 BC, it was the first time that any type of prosthetics was used for dental work.

The Mayans

Mayan dentists were highly skilled and were able to drill tiny holes into the fronts of teeth without disturbing the enamel. Once drilled, the ancient cosmetic dentists would place semi precious stones into the spaces cementing with tree sap or other plant matter.

These days you don’t have to resort to ancient cosmetic dentistry thanks to Dr. Ivan Valcarenghi. With Dr. Ivan Smiles, you can have a new grin in a single dental appointment.

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