Clear Braces or Conventional Braces Which Ones Are Right for You?

Clear braces are effective, and if the thought of uncomfortable wires and brackets makes you think twice about straightening your crooked smile, it’s time to call Dr. Ivan Valcareghi. Dr. Ivan is a licensed and preferred provider of the amazing clear braces system from Invisalign and can determine if you and Invisalign are a good fit.

What are Clear Braces?

Although there are several clear braces manufacturers, Invisalign is the preferred teeth straightening method. Invisalign® has won awards for fast growth, stereolithography, and medical design and was approved by the FDA in 1998 with sales beginning in the United States in 1999. As of 2014, more than 2.5 people all over the globe have a beautiful smile thanks to the clear braces system from Invisalign®.

The Difference between Old School and Clear Braces

Treatment Time

Dr. Ivan explains that not everyone is a candidate for Invisalign®. However, if you are, you may want to proceed with the treatment system as Invisalign® can cut your treatment time on average to 13.5 months. Conventional braces can take up to two years to do their job.


Invisalign® is much more comfortable than wires and brackets. With clear braces, you are less likely to suffer from an injury with a broken wire or bracket. Invisalign® uses a series of clear plastic aligners that fit your teeth. Unlike conventional wires and brackets, which need to be pushed and pulled into place, clear braces do the work gradually moving your teeth into place.


Conventional braces require frequent dental appointments for adjustments. With Invisalign®, you only need to see Dr. Ivan every six weeks to make sure that your clear braces are straightening your teeth.

Less Chance of Tooth Decay and Gum Disease

Because conventional braces are permanent, they cannot be removed making it difficult to brush. If you can’t get under the brackets and wires, you are more susceptible to gum disease and tooth decay. With Invisalign® clear braces you can eat, brush, and floss freely as your aligners are removed when you enjoy a meal and clean your teeth.

If the thought of wearing wires and brackets for up to two years is preventing you from straightening your teeth, call or click and schedule an appointment with Dr. Ivan Valcarenghi. Invisalign® could be the answer for your less than perfect smile.

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