A Smile Makeover to Complete your Transformation

A smile makeover for your teeth and gums is just as important as a makeover for your body, and if winter got the best of you, Dr. Ivan Valcarenghi will come to your rescue.

You may be right on track with your spring diet and exercise program, but if your smile is letting you down, your self-confidence may still be lacking when you lose the weight.

Dr. Ivan is the smile makeover expert and can turn your so so grin into something beautiful with professional teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, or Invisalign. If your missing teeth have always been a problem for your self-esteem, call and schedule a no obligation smile makeover consultation with Dr. Ivan Smiles.

Depending on your oral health, Dr. Ivan may also recommend restorative procedures before any cosmetic dentistry treatments can take place. If you have gum disease or tooth decay those teeth will need to be filled. A deep cleaning may be necessary to treat the gingivitis as well.

Cosmetic dentistry involves all aspects including your face shape. When examining your teeth and gums, Dr. Ivan will also look at your jaw position, mouth size and anything that could affect any type of cosmetic or restorative dental procedures before recommending dental implants, porcelain veneers, Invisalign, gum lift surgery, professional teeth whitening, or cosmetic dental bonding.

During your smile makeover consultation with Dr. Ivan the two of you will discuss what you expect from your new smile. Thanks to modern dental technology, Dr. Ivan can show you what your smile makeover will look like before any treatments begin. You will be amazed at what a few subtle changes can do for your self-esteem.

If you are making over your body, make over your smile as well with a smile makeover from Dr. Ivan Valcarenghi. Spring has sprung and that means a new you. Call for your smile consultation today.