Cosmetic Dentist Chicago | What Are Veneers?

Veneers are aesthetic solutions that may be recommended for those who are interested in restoring the color and appearance of their teeth. Veneers can be used to:

▪ Re-shape teeth
▪ Improve the look of your teeth due to stains
▪ Fix teeth that are chipped, fractured, crooked or broken
▪ Close gaps between teeth

Veneers are custom-made to fit over your natural teeth. The foundation of your natural teeth must be strong and healthy in order to be a candidate. Results from veneers can be very drastic, and instantly improve the appearance of your smile.

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Chicago Cosmetic Dentist | Symptoms and Preventions of Periodontal Disease

Cosmetic Dentist in ChicagoPeriodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss and is one of the most common health conditions in our population. It is caused by plaque and bacteria buildup that forms around the gum line, and creates pockets between teeth and gums. This disease can progress and contribute to deteriorating oral health and overall health, such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease and pregnancy complications.

Although periodontal disease may progress without pain, it is important to take note of symptoms to prevent further overall health problems.

• Gums that bleed during and after brushing teeth
• Persistent bad breath or a bad taste in the mouth
• Receding gums
• Formation of deep pockets between teeth and gums
• Red, swollen or tender gums
• Loose or shifting teeth
• Sores in your mouth
• Painful or sensitive teeth

Health and lifestyle changes can help to reduce the risk, severity and speed of gum disease development, including:

Proper Dental Care – Maintaining good oral health consists of professional cleanings by your dentist at least twice a year, as well as proper brushing and flossing. Brushing eliminates plaque from the surfaces of teeth and flossing removes food particles between teeth and under the gum line.

Maintain a Well-Balanced Diet – Proper nutrition can help strengthen your immune system and fight off infection. Eating foods that are high in vitamin E and vitamin C can help your body repair damaged tissue.

Reduce Stress – Stress makes it difficult for your body to fight off infections since it weakens the immune system.

Avoid Clenching and Grinding Your Teeth – Excessive force on your teeth and tissues may increase the rate at which these tissues are destroyed. This pressure may speed up the breakdown of the periodontal ligament and bone.

Stop Smoking – The chemicals in tobacco products is a significant risk factor for the increase of gum disease. People who smoke tend to collect more tartar on their teeth and often develop deeper periodontal pockets once they have gum disease.

If you experience any symptoms of periodontal disease or for more information on prevention, please contact our Chicago cosmetic dental office.

Feel a Cold Sore Coming On? Lasers to the Rescue!

Oral lesions, mouth sores, cold and canker sores are very common when the body is weak and immunocompromised.  They tend to raise their ugly head especially during flu season.  These sores may contain a virus that can infect other individuals, so absolutely no kissing or touching mouth sores!  There are several products on the market that will help to reduce the severity containing acyclovir products such as Zovirax, or Viroxyn, and Abreva also looks promising.

In addition to products, which can take some time to have an effect, there is another treatment that works really well.  But few patients avail themselves of and fewer know about it. Few dentists even know about it.  It’s laser treatment of cold sores.  An uninitiated soft tissue or diode laser emits sufficient light energy to kill the virus on the spot which stops the pain immediately and dramatically reduces the time the sore is there.  It can even stop the sore from ever fully appearing if caught at the “prodromal” stage.

People with these oral sores know that tingling feeling when a lip sore is beginning.  I treated a bride-to-be on the night before her wedding when a sore appeared, and made the bride extremely happy because it was gone the next day. The treatment is painless, takes only 10 minutes.  What’s that worth to you? We charge a fee of only $80, but it could be priceless for some at the most crucial time.  Next time you have a sore at a crucial time, call me!